STROB-Galerie Salzburg

STROB-Galerie Salzburg

STROB-Galerie Salzburg

STROB-Galerie Salzburg

In 2015 I established the STROB-Galerie to satisfy the growing demand for high-quality Salzburg photos.

Since then an ever growing number of clients got delighted by my unique artworks.

My goal is to create fine art photoprints. A fine art photoprint is an image that is both: artistically inspired and technically excellent.Technique without art is cold and uninviting & art without good technique prevents the viewer from truly enjoying the work.

For me a work of art is primarily the product of a person, not of a machine. For this reason a photo printed straight from the original capture is unsatisfying.

Such an image represents the output of my camera – which is no more than a tool kit – rather than the expression of my emotions. While, as a photographer, I can to some extent choose the type of light, composition, lens, equipment and other technical aspects of the image, I have very little control over the artistic aspects of my work during image capture. To satisfy my creativity I need to work on my photos after I complete the image capture. Therefore the creative aspect of my artworks starts after the image has been recorded by the camera. This process can last up to 3 month and longer!

It is then that I am able to infuse the image with the emotional content that I experienced while being at the location where I took the photo. To this end I do to the image everything that I deem necessary: I adjust colours as well as contrast so that it reflects the feeling of open, glowing light or of deep, mysterious shadows, according to my memories of the original scene.

I also eliminate elements that I deem visually unsatisfying or unaesthetic as well as any other unwanted elements.

On the level of image composition I routinely collage multiple captures (up to 30+ photos) into a single image. The goal of these collages is to expand the field of view represented in the image far beyond what a single capture can show.

After weeks of meticulous work the final result is an extraordinary vibrant image!

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